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Jan 14th, Representative Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 14, 2012

Executive Board Members present:

Philip Kaplan – President

Jill League – Secretary

Janette Vickers – Membership

Mike Matthews – Grievance

Richard Lynch – Political Action

Steven Fackenthall – CFRC

Yanaka Bernal – Website/Communications

Laura Rowe – UniServe DSEA


Meeting called to order and followed the agenda.

  1. Executive Board Updates
    1. Steven Fackenthall for CFRC.  Advised that after the Sept. 30th count is completed, any student that moves into the district or is identified as special ed. do not qualify for additional money.  This could be an issue with compliance.  Please notify your administration if this is happening. Also, share with RCEA so that the message can be passed on.
    2. Richard Lynch for Political Action.  There will possibly be 3 seats that will be up for election for the school board.  The vote will be held on Tuesday, May 7th.  RCEA is going to need volunteers to make phone calls, to NEA members to get out and vote for our endorsed candidates.
    3. Mike Matthews for Grievance.  The trend is that administrators are overreaching with communication to members.  The leadership is going beyond its abilities in the requests and requirements of teachers.  There are also DPAS issues with timelines and conferences.  Timelines are not being met and conferences are not being done correctly, with the evaluation being fully written before the post-observation conferences.
    4. Janette Vickers for Membership.  Our current membership is 1,180. Reps are encouraged to continue to speak to agency fee payers and non-members to get them to join.  If you need to know who these people are please let Janette know and she will email you a current roster.  Also, any changes to rosters that need to be made, please let her know.
  2. Recognition
    1. Janette and the executive board recognized Steve Paparazzo from McKean for increasing the RCEA members at his building by 11 new members.  He has the highest rate for this current year.  He received a gift card for his efforts.
  1. Website Update
    1. Yanaka introduced the council to the new website.  The executive board will be able to put their reports on the site as well as access to make changes as needed.
    2. Please send any suggestions of additions and improvements to her.
  1.                                                     i.     Ideas brought shared:
    1. Legislative members names and address
    2. By-Laws of the Association
    3. Calendar
    4. RSS and other subscription types that allow the gathering of member information to delineate messages to appropriate member groups.
  1. Discipline Committee
    1. Philip advised that there is a continued consistency with administration in buildings not following through with discipline in reference to the code of conduct.
    2. The committee meets 3 to 4 times per year and there is a call for additional members.  Current members are Richard Lynch, Jessica Baker, and Margaret Donohoe.  Volunteers from the council include Steve Paparazzo, Vicki Seifred, and Julie Tankersley. Julie is able to attend the meeting at Baltz on Tuesday, January 15th.
  2. Grade Reporting Committee
    1. Jill League advised reps to take the new draft report cards and common core explanations back to staff at the elementary level for feedback.  All feedback can be sent to Jill.
    2. Numerous questions were raised.  Those needing follow up include, the honor roll status, possible reinstatement for next year.  Also, a request from Sam, the members on the secondary committee and their minutes.
    3. Follow up will be sent out to reps after Wednesday’s meeting.
  3. Sample Letters and messages to all members
    1. The sample letters that were included in a handout were meant to increase communication between staff and administration.
    2. Staff need to be empowered to speak up for themselves, and then have building reps follow up.  If the resolution is not satisfactory, then RCEA board can assist.
    3. Retaliation is feared, but should not be.  There are strict laws to protect employees.  Much documentation is needed and it needs to be substantial, i.e. increase in duties.
    4. Walkthroughs were brought up again – a possible district liaison agenda item would be for administrators to be able to edit their walkthroughs after conversations with staff.
  4. School Board Elections, timeline
    1. March 1st in the filing deadline for potential candidates for the open seats
    2. The week of March 11th needs to be set aside for interviews.  There will be a call for volunteers during that week.
    3. Before spring break we will have our candidates that RCEA will endorse.  Then the call will go out for volunteers for phone banking and lit drops, as well as walking with the candidates.
    4. RCEA is looking for one hour from each of our members
    5. Election Day is Tuesday, May 7th.
  5. DPAS II
    1. Administrators are being told to be very conservative with their commendations on formative evaluations.
    2. We would like to take this to DSEA to continue with DDOE.
    3. Data is needed.  Reps please gather any information, anonymously from members, the number of commendations that are being given and if there are positive comments that could be commendations being submitted in the section for “Additional Evaluator Comments.”
  1. WAR February 22nd – 24th  and RA March 8-9
    1. WAR is held at Atlantic Sands in Rehoboth Beach – great opportunity for reps to increase their knowledge of being a great representative.  First time attendees will get a scholarship.  Please contact RCEA executive board of interest to attend.
    2. RA is held in Dover at Dover Downs. It is a Saturday event.  This is an excellent networking opportunity with members from other districts and associations around the state.  RCEA is allowed 22 delegates.  If you are interested in going please contact Richard Lynch.
  2. Building Visits and Exec. Board Meetings
    1. Executive board meetings are going to be brought back to buildings.  The board will meet with members prior to having their regularly scheduled meeting.
    2. Building visits to be held in the next few weeks, dates to come from reps; H.B. duPont Middle School and McKean High School.
  3. PD Needs
    1. Unknown if the offering of the Spanish class will continue this coming semester.
    2. Teachers are looking for more opportunity and driven by teachers.
    3. The request for other opportunities which are more meaningful than PD360.  As well as, 90 clock hours course work.
    4. Many content area trainings at the secondary level are in Dover, looking for New Castle County opportunities.

Meeting Dismissed

Minutes submitted by Jill League

January 14, 2013

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